Neeraj Sonalkar, PhD, Advisor


Neeraj Sonalkar is a research associate at the Center for Design Research at Stanford University, and a co-director of VentureStudio in Ahmedabad, India. He is interested in discovering if the process of innovating can be practiced at will. Neeraj has found that a number of people, from corporate executives and entrepreneurs to leaders in developing countries, want to innovate towards a prosperous future, but they rarely are successful despite their good intentions. Why is innovation so elusive? What theories and methods can we develop to practice innovation successfully in different contexts? 

Neeraj and his team at the Center for Design Research are involved in answering these questions by studying how people behave when engaged in innovation activities. Drawing on behavioral metrics and providing real-time feedback, Neeraj aims to understand and regulate the dynamic process of innovation.

Neeraj has a PhD in engineering design from Stanford University. He has prior experience working in product development and software services.