Ade Mabogunje, Ph.D., Co-Creator of Rainforest Architects and Advisor

Ade Mabogunje.jpg

Ade Mabogunje is a senior research scientist in the School of Engineering at Stanford University and is part of Stanford’s Center for Design Research. He studies the engineering design process with a view to developing performance metrics for creative multi-disciplinary design teams in innovation ecosystem cultures. He is currently investigating ways by which principles and practices from psychology, science, art and finance can be turned into useful design theories to guide the building of sustainable and scalable ventures in less industrialized economies.

Ade builds things such as mechatronics systems and human design teams, and studies how they are conceived and built. He is interested in the different ways and the similar conditions in which ants, spiders, and human designers are motivated to build artifacts and adapt to their environment. He has focused on the development and research of innovation ecosystems in regions such as India, Africa, and South America where the rate of economic growth is either unsustainable or misaligned with the needs of the population.

Ade received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.