T2VC has powerful advantages that help us seek financial return for our investors:

A unique ongoing stream of quality investment opportunities, a global network that gives us a bird's-eye ability to compare companies and conduct due diligence, and a huge rolodex of resources, expertise, and capital we can tap on behalf of our companies to help them attain their maximum potential.

Unique Deal Flow

We see hundreds of opportunities a year from our network across over 50 countries and 100+ universities, research institutes, organizations, and strategic sources. In addition, our team co-founded Global CONNECT, a network to access over 43 innovation organizations in over 23 countries.

High Selectivity

The companies we invest in must have a combination of qualities: disruptive technology, huge market potential, strong revenue model, high differentiation, and a top-flight team. We seek investments that are "a cut above" the rest. We have deep networks based on relationships with institutes, universities, and governments that are commercializing cutting-edge scientific research. We review startups in the top 5-10% of all technologies funded by competitive peer-reviewed programs, and we carefully select those that have the highest commercial potential. We work only with entrepreneurs of the highest personal and professional caliber.

Diligence and Deployment

Our global network gives us the ability to be "in the know" about trends in new technologies, markets, scientific research, people, and investing. Our base in Silicon Valley allows us to contrast investment opportunities, to gain powerful insight into current investment strategies and entrepreneurial trends, and to assemble co-investment syndicates and follow-on capital sources. When we put capital into a company, we are able to leverage non-public information about markets and technologies that is often the critical difference in making an investment successful.

Accelerating Success

We are able to accelerate the success of our companies by connecting them with markets, customers, corporate partners, technologies, other investors, other startups, and strategic resources around the world. We provide our startups with the contacts, insights, and expertise we have developed over decades to accelerate revenues and growth. From the beginning, we help our companies plan for successful exits by positioning them strategically in the competitive startup marketplace.

I am amazed at the tireless efforts and connections that T2VC has made for our company. The gentlemen at T2VC are the type of people that you want to work with for the rest of your life.
— Ramos Mays and Mark Pydynowski, Co-Founders of Somark Innovations