Design Lab

Rainforest Launch

How do you ignite an ecosystem in 48 hours? Rainforest Launch is designed to spark the innovation ecosystem in your community, corporation, university, region, or country. In just two days, we can help you convene stakeholders, clarify vision, and sow the seeds for growth.


Knowledge, creativity, and smart capital are key to innovation and growth. But investing in raw resources is no longer sufficient. Today, we recognize that the recipe matters as much as—if not more than—the ingredients.

To grow economic value today, therefore, we need to design and build entire ecosystems to accelerate the synergistic interplay of talent, ideas, and capital.

What We Do

We can deliver a two-day Rainforest Launch anywhere in the world to help you design and catalyze your innovation ecosystem. You would get:

  1. Workshop (one-day) to convene leaders in the ecosystem and develop a preliminary plan of action for growing the ecosystem, including an expert-facilitated Rainforest Canvas session,
  2. Private meetings with various stakeholders in the community to listen and provide strategic feedback,
  3. Keynote speech to a bigger audience to convene stakeholders,
  4. Short two-page follow-up memorandum to outline observations and recommendations, and
  5. Autographed copies of our books provided to select leaders, to assist them in follow-up implementation after our visit.

Our goals are tailored to your needs and can include: creating an aligned sense of urgency, creating buy-in, showcasing competitive best practices, putting forth a vision of possibilities, lighting a path towards sustained growth, evangelizing the message, generating a high-level framework for building a sustainable ecosystem, and developing and populating a first draft innovation roadmap.

These sessions are designed to be interactive and participatory. They can target a broad spectrum of individuals and groups, including (but not limited to) corporate executives, government and NGO representatives, industry leaders, economic developers, media + journalists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, trade organizations, academics + researchers, capital providers, and other innovators.

Our approach to this work is never prescriptive. Rather, we build programs that are sensitive to organizational norms and relevant to geographical needs.

Rainforest Launch is the beginning (Public Education, Stakeholder Roundtable, Genome Sequence, Roadmap) of our Rainforest Design services, which provide a full range of needs for building your innovation ecosystem.


If you would like us to run Rainforest Launch for you, please contact us and let us know your needs.