How do you grow entire innovation ecosystems?

We help design and build Rainforests, from seed to harvest.

We apply the principles of modern design to growing innovation ecosystems. We have developed a spectrum of advisory services to help you catalyze innovation in your community, region, university, organization, or company. Our services can unlock the hidden potential for innovative growth in any network of people.

Over the past decade, our team has created training platforms and managed programs that have provided mentoring to thousands of innovators across 25 organizations in over 20 countries, on every continent except Antarctica.

Phase I: Seed > convene, educate, assess, map

We create awareness about the importance of human ecosystems, educate stakeholders about the right framework, convene intensive work sessions, “sequence the genome” of an economy or corporation, and develop customized innovation roadmaps with stakeholders. We call the beginning of this process Rainforest Launch.

Phase II: Cultivate > build, grow, coach

We dive deeper and help you lay the “roots” of an ecosystem, including policy analysis, creating programs to facilitate the university-industry interface, leadership training, workforce solutions, infrastructure development, and trust-building programs.

Phase III: Nourish > active management

Finally, we help you develop and manage ongoing programs, including the creation of capital structures, the management of venture capital funds, technology commercialization programs, establishment of market linkages for businesses, training for startups, and measurement of ecosystem health.

“Design thinking” means that we create ecosystems by focusing on human beings: their strengths, weaknesses, passions, and dreams. Ultimately, every network will only thrive when a community fosters collaboration, diversity, trust, entrepreneurial norms, and humanity’s deepest aspirations. Every network of human beings is different, so each of the design services above can be customized, according to your particular needs.

To inquire about how our Rainforest Design services can help you build an innovation ecosystem, please contact us by clicking here.