What are the real leadership lessons of Silicon Valley?

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The game has changed in the knowledge economy. In the past, leaders owned the competitive advantage solely by controlling people, resources, and money. Today, value is created by trust-based networks that accelerate innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Those networks require an ecosystem with a new set of rules. You must learn the new game to compete. We can teach you that game.

Silicon Valley thrives because its ecosystem is like a rainforest: a fertile environment that fosters the cycle of invention and reinvention. Ecosystems are not accidents; they can be designed. That’s why we created the Rainforest Architects Program: to train leaders on how to spur innovation across large populations. We give you the latest tools, thought leaders, and peer networks for designing robust ecosystems.

Become a Rainforest Architect. Learn the secret formula to become a leader of your own Silicon Valley. Unlock the innovative potential of your company, organization, or region. Learn more.

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May 17–20, 2015

What past attendees say about the Rainforest Architects workshop:

You might wonder how silly it would be to travel 13,200 kilometers to attend a Rainforest Architects Workshop… I’m glad I did. I got to work with a wonderful team at T2 and an appropriately diverse collection of innovators from 5 continents, as we explored together truly game-changing, rule-breaking fundamental concepts in ecosystem strategy and development that ventilated my thinking and exposed new perspectives to approaching challenges. Now I see. And I can build.
— Chinenye Mba-Uzoukwu, Managing Partner of Grand Central (Nigeria)
The Rainforest Architects framework is the best I’ve found to understand the organic nature of the ecosystem, and how to tackle it. Meeting ‘Ecosystem Architects’ from around the world has been a wonderful opportunity for me. To share their experiences, their challenges and their strategies has given me profound insights for my own challenges.
— Leonardo Maldonado, TEDx Patagonia, General Manager of Gulliver (Chile)