Entrepreneur’s High, Taste for the Sea

For the last three days I have had the profound privilege of teaching IAE students how to dig deep and awaken their sleeping giant. It was like a religious experience watching everyone’s real gifts show up and introduce themselves to everyone in the room. Who needs church. And it was here we opened the first page of The Rainforest to: "And on the other hand, if I convey to my men my love for sailing on the sea- and each of them is so inclined because of an urge in his heart- then you will soon see them diversify according to their many particular abilities. This one will weave sails. This other will fell a tree with a flash of his axe. The other, still, will forge nails. And there will be someone somewhere who will observe the stars so as to learn how to helm. However, in the end, all will be one. Creating the ship isn’t about weaving the sails, forging the nails, reading the stars, but rather imparting a taste for the sea, which is unifying. And in this light, there is no longer conflict, but in community there is love.”  Antoine de Saint- Exupery, Citadelle (1948).  As quoted from The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley, Victor W. Hwang & Greg Horowitt. Read it here.