University technologies of the future showcased to investment community in London.

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Nineteen new technology companies were showcased to over 120 investors at the SETsquared Partnership Investment Showcase held in London yesterday.

The showcase, the culmination of a programme to support and encourage potential high tech, high growth technology companies and science-based university spin-outs, brought a wealth of opportunities to the attention of invited venture capitalists, high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors.

For the first time the event included a non-UK company, introduced to the Partnership through the government-sponsored UK-US Science Bridges Programme.

SOMARK Innovations is developing a patented ID system based on chipless radio-frequency identification (RFID) bio-ink tattoos.The company has identified their initial target market as the cattle industry, enabling producers to utilise the tattoos for "traceability" and to help ensure a safe food supply.

The focus of the event is on quality propositions, selected by an expert panel from spin-out companies and entrepreneurial start-ups in southern England. Five companies presented, and an additional 14 exhibited. Each offered an investment opportunity of up to GBP3 million over the coming year.

Graham Spittle, Chair HM Government Technology Strategy Board, VP WebSphere Integration Development and Director, Hursley Laboratory, IBM and Greg Horowitt, Managing Director of T2 Venture Capital, San Diego and Executive Director and Co-founder of Global CONNECT were the keynote speakers.

Greg Horowitt commented "Programmes such as the UK-US Science Bridge and CONNECT are enabling early-stage science and technology companies to more efficiently access critical business intelligence and global market channels; thereby making them a much more attractive prospect to investors, strategic partners, and customers."

Chair of the SETsquared Partnership, Dr Neil Bradshaw said "The Partnership has been working with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and the University of California, Irvine (UCI) to assist the international development of early stage technology companies. In the first 12 months, the Partnership's UK-US Science Bridges Programme has introduced 42 companies to sophisticated technology networks in California and the UK; 13 of which have already won or are negotiating new business as a result."

UKuniversity spin-out companies and start-up companies based in university business incubators are proving to be highly successful. In the last two years seven UK university spin-out companies have been acquired for GBP2 billion. To date, the Partnership has helped new external ventures to raise more than GBP38 million of funding and raised over GBP80 million of follow-on funding for university spin-outs.

The annual event was organised by the SETsquared Partnership, the collaboration of the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Southampton and Surrey, advancing enterprise and entrepreneurship in southern England, in association with the BVCA (British Venture Capital Association).

The exhibiting companies are detailed below.


Buildersite- University of Bristol Business Acceleration Centre Member

Buildersite is a web-marketplace for construction services, targeting homeowners and tradesmen. Core value comes from matching consumers with trusted service providers, via a transparent and competitive bidding process. Reputations are managed by feedback, holding tradesmen accountable for their work and rewarding them for excellent service.

Coull- University of Bristol Business Acceleration Centre Member

Coull has developed an interactive video advertising platform that allows content owners to upload and publish any video, whether a music video or an advert, and make objects within it interactive. The platform allows content owners to interact and engage with their customers, add contextual advertising and enable the viewer to access further information or buy online.

Exoteq- University of Surrey Business Acceleration Centre Member

Exoteq is developing the world's first handheld device with ADSL-quality mobile broadband connection. The handset allows the consumer to make VoIP-calls, browse the web, send and receive emails, instant messages, watch videos and listen to music online anytime, anywhere. It can also provide a mobile broadband connection for your laptop.

Magic Taxi- University of Surrey Business Acceleration Centre Member

MagicTaxi's internet search engine and shopping portal shares half its revenues with good causes. Individual and corporate supporters of the UK's leading charities support their chosen charity through their online activity. The product is now being launched to schools, universities and libraries on the same 50% revenue sharing basis.

ProVision Communications- University of Bristol Spin-out

ProVision Communications is developing aproductto deliver TV and video wirelessly around the home. Its key features will be video quality/reliability, wireless range, and ease of use. The product eliminates the need for inconvenient, impractical and expensive cabling.

The Key Revolution- University of Bath at Swindon Business Acceleration Centre Member

The Key Revolution uses mature and globally trusted "chip and PIN" technology on a physical SIMkey, ensuring safer online transactions. It allows secure browsing, leaving no footprint, making users less vulnerable to online fraud. The SIMkey will also securely back-up valuable PC files, providing full recovery of documents, photos and passwords.

TriOpsis- University of Surrey Business Acceleration Centre Member

TriOpsis has developed a photographic image display management system based on mobile phone and web2.0 technology. Applications include remote monitoring and tracking of retail point of purchase material, enabling improved productivity and enhanced revenue.


Axon TeleHealthcare- University of Southampton Business Acceleration Centre Member

Axon has developed a web-based Remote Patient Monitoring network which allows patients to be remotely monitored from their homes. The monitoring system is suitable for the management of all chronic diseases. Customers include both public and private. Cost competitiveness attracts mass market.

Odour-Reader- Emerging Technology, University of Bristol

Odour-Reader is developing a non-invasive, near-patient device able to rapidly diagnose multiple diseases by reading' the odour of gaseous biological samples. The proprietary technology platform has numerous applications, with the initial focus on infectious diarrhoeas and cancer screening for use by hospitals, GPs and other healthcare providers.

Revolymer- University of Bristol Spin-out

Revolymer is focused on delivering consumer products through science. The first product is its new Clean Gum which tastes as good as commercial gums, is much easier to remove from a variety of surfaces and in preliminary results degrades over time in water. Revolymer is extending its portfolio with a nicotine and commercial gum. The company's technology is also being developed in cosmetics and in drug delivery.

SOMARK Innovations - Emerging Technology, USA

SOMARK is developing a patented ID system based on a chipless radio-frequency identification(RFID) bio-ink tattoosthat can be detected, without line of sight, using hand-held or high volume chute readers. The company has identified their initial target market as the cattle industry. Possible additional applications include other farm animals, equine and household pets, cuts of meat, skins, pelts and hides and metal parts and components.


Blue Sky- University of Surrey Business Acceleration Centre Member

Blue Sky has developed Smartseat, a lightweight, flexible aircraft seat incorporating swipe card technology to vary fixed seating plans to match flight specific passenger demand within individual cabins. Smartseat creates more comfort and space in the tight confines of economy with reduced weight and less floor space.

RedLux - Universityof SouthamptonBusiness Acceleration Centre Member

RedLux has developed a 3D non-contact form measuring instrument. It is a highly automated instrument for measuring the form of precision components, such as artificial hip joints and others.

Silicon Basis- University of Bristol Business Acceleration Centre Member

Silicon Basis has developed SiTela, an advancedfully-flexible programmable logic architecture. With power efficiency approaching hardwired circuitry at a much lower cost than existing programmable logic, SiTela brings the benefits of reconfigurability to high volumeconsumer and power sensitive applications such as mobile phones, wireless LANs and digital TVs for the first time.

Stratophase- University of Southampton Spin-out

Stratophase has developed a novel sensor system which will allow flexible, low-cost in-line control of liquid processes in the food industry. Stratophase has strong IP covering the technology, and has worked closely with industry partners to develop the first prototype and make early sales.


Auriga EnergyLimited - Emerging Technology, University of Bristol Business Acceleration Centre Member

Auriga Energy is a start-up enterprise delivering the unbeatable solution of high efficiency fuel cell systems with lower weight, lower cost, high reliability and hi-performance for zero-carbon emissions to exploit a growing market in the Green Revolution'.The company's development is in partnership with the University of Bristol, as well as further collaborative work with London (Queen Mary/University College) and Bath universities.

Bac2- University of Southampton Business Acceleration Centre Member

Bac2 has developed ElectroPhen, a unique bulk-available, polymer material that conducts electricity. The low cost, mouldable composite material has been identified as an ideal alternative mass production material for fuel cell "bipolar" and "end plates". Fuel Cells are the clean energy alternatives to batteries or engines that will power a range of devices from laptops to cars and buildings.ElectroPhen could also play a key role in the emerging Plastic Electronics market.

C-Wave - University of Southampton Business Acceleration Centre Member

C-Wave is the developer of an innovative wave energy technology which through its unique operating mode can provide cost effective and emission free energy generation which will survive the worst battering of ocean waves.

Shellform- University of Southampton Business Acceleration Centre Member

Shellform has developed an innovative, waterproof concrete that, when used to make a composite building panel, exhibits compression and tensile strengths far greater than conventional concrete. With Shellcrete it is possible to fabricate in a factory, pre-cast panels that will enable a house to be erected in a few days and be ready for occupation within a month, and at a cost that means it can be truly called "Affordable Housing".

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