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Innovation Should Be Mandatory In Higher Education

An article by Henry Doss.

What does it really mean to be “educated”? Whatever your answers to these kinds of questions might be, the fact is that we are in the midst of an increasingly rapid transformation in education, across dimensions of purpose, content, pedagogy and methodologies. 

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Innovation Emerges From Stories We Tell

An article by Henry Doss.

We find ourselves in a mad rush to do innovation. We create innovation strategies, innovation processes, innovation jump-starts, innovation this and innovation that.  We do things, as earnestly and energetically as we possibly can, and then we measure some stuff and decide that what we didwas, or was not, a contributor to innovative output of this, or that.  Then, we do it all over again.


How Can America Compete? U.S. Suggests New Economic Framework

An article by Victor Hwang.

 The homepage of EDA—America’s lead agency on economic development—was recently updated with a definition of “economic development” that might be considered somewhat unorthodox.

At first glance, it might not seem strange to the unaided eye.  But notice what it does not say.


Disruptive Innovation Is Nonsense

An article by Henry Doss.

Disruption is not a business model, nor is it a way of doing business, nor is it something that can be planned or controlled.  It is something that happens.  And the idea that a business or any organization can mindfully — intentionally — disrupt itself, and control the outcomes from that disruption, is simply foolish. Read about it here.


Is Your Television The Future of Healthcare Innovation?

An article by Henry Doss.

But, of course, there are new answers and solutions and new, creative approaches to solving healthcare problems. You just have to look at innovative, private sector enterprises.  And if you do, you might find one of the more innovative answers to eldercare right there in your old-fashioned television set....Read more here.


Your Secret Weapon in Business: Culture

An article by Victor Hwang.

When you look at successful businesses today, their people are not necessarily smarter than their competitors’.  Their ideas are not necessarily better.  And their money is definitely not greener.  However, what they are doing is playing a different game.  And their competitors usually don’t even realize that the game has changed.


Choosing To Lead Innovation

An article by Henry Doss.

Innovation leadership  is not about making choices.  Innovation leadership is the art of  knowing when choices are arbitrarily false, and then choosing not to choose. 

Here are five reasons it might be a good idea to sometimes reflect, rather than act, and to spend as much time thinking as choosing.


Design Thinking In Healthcare: One Step At A Time

An article by Henry Doss.

More and more individuals and families will enter the U.S. healthcare system in coming years, and it seems obvious that this in and of itself is a good thing.  But as this trend continues, total healthcare expenditures will likely rise as well, which is not such a good thing.   So, there is a rather clear and important question to be answered:  Read about it here.


Be An Innovation Thought Leader

An article by Henry Doss.

There is significant intrinsic risk in distinguishing too strongly between leading an organization as a Rainforest or leading it as a plantation, in forcing an arbitrary choice between the two.  The risk is that you miss elements of one way of thinking because of focusing too strongly on the other...Read it here.



How To Build An Uncool Startup...On Purpose

An article by Victor Hwang. 

There’s been a giant sucking sound the last few years.  You’ve probably heard it.  It’s the sound of social media startups vacuuming up the world’s venture capital and media mindshare.  But what about all the other startups?  You know, the “uncool” ones? Read more here.


How To Lead A Culture Of Innovation

An article by Henry Doss.

Leading an innovation culture can be a messy business. Or, maybe that should be: Leading an innovation business can be a messy culture.  However the notion is phrased, the point is the same.  Innovation is not a tidy process. Read more here.


Startup expert to speak at entrepreneurship luncheon

An article by Bennett J. Loudon.

The key to building a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem is changing the way people work together. Too often, past successes cause people to fall into patterns. “So they start doing their job based on what they’re told to do instead of doing their task because they feel it’s a better solution to the problem"...Read more here.


The Next Big Business Buzzword: Ecosystem?

An article by Victor Hwang.

There’s a new word on the block.  And that new word – ecosystem – actually has a richer meaning than a typical business buzzword.  However, just as the word has started to get traction, it is already at risk of being dumbed down.  The thought of this meaningful word being stillborn is sad.  So I need your help.  Let’s save the word ecosystem before it’s too late!


Silicon Valley's Secret Subculture, Not So Secret Anymore

An article by Victor Hwang.

Silicon Valley has many strengths, but a classic complaint is that the region has no artistic culture.  People moan that it lacks the funky, artsy vibe for which San Francisco is famous.  Given that innovation and entrepreneurship thrive in a culture of diversity, eclecticism, and creativity, then why has the Valley lacked a complementary edgy art, music, and literary scene?  Read it here.


ICT Days Horizions 2016

An Italian article from the ICT Days conference.



Horowitt - "Startuppers, you are important"

Written by Valentina Zeni

TRENT. "You matter!, You are important." This was the slogan launched by Greg Horowitt to a group of young startuppers during a conference held during the conference Designing the invisible held yesterday....


ICT Days 2014. Day 1: Greg Horowitt, Architecting the Invisible

Building and Growing a Sustainable Innovation Ecosystem in Trentino.

Greg Horowitt, Co-Author of The Rainforest: the Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley, Founding Partner & Managing Director of T2 Venture Creation, and Kauffman Fellow joins us from California to discuss how to create innovation ecosystems and how Trentino can take advantage of its competitive advantages.

 Watch the video here.


Distinguished Innovator Lecture Series

A. Richard Newton distinguished innovator lecture series.

This lecture series recognizes the entrepreneurial vision of A. Richard Newton, Dean of UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering from 2000 to 2007, by inviting distinguished innovators to share lessons from their own successes and failures. Learn more here.


3 Old School Lessons for New School Entrepreneurs

An article by Mark Newberg.

Lately, I've observed a trend among young entrepreneurs in impact. They're certain that impact will change the world; that focus on social values is the recipe for transforming the communities in which we live, the jobs at which we work, and the fabric of how we interact. The trend is marked by a serious exuberance about the possibilities ahead, and the sheer catalytic nature of the endeavor on which they're about to embark. Read it here...


Is Facebook just a big venture capitalist?

An article by by Sabri Ben-Achour.

Facebook is buying Oculus VR for $2 billion. A Virtual Reality company.  Really? 

Yes. Not because Facebook thinks people are thirsting to experience their status updates in a more ‘realistic way’, but because it thinks Virtual Reality is going to be the next big thing....Read more here.