Joe Sterling

Head of Consulting

Joe Sterling, Head of Consulting for T2 Venture Creation, is responsible for: business model development; T2 product architecture and modular delivery packages; new consulting service methodology and testing; leadership of consulting sales, contracting and delivery; and co-design and facilitation of Global Innovation Summit activities.

Joe has been a nationally known facilitator and strategist for corporate, non-profit and government clients since 1991. His work is characterized by large scale, sustainable systems thinking, accelerated collaborations, and action oriented enterprise-wide innovation and improvement.

Joe has received citations for community leadership and humanitarian service from the U.S. Congress, California State Senate and California State Assembly, County of San Diego, Alpine Chamber of Commerce (Humanitarian Award) and KGTV Channel 10 (Leadership Award).

Joe is the principal author of the Free Agent Ecosystem Toolkit for ethical and profitable collaboration among entrepreneurs, as well as the American Dream Dialogue that integrates a national ethos with sustainability principles.

Joe’s expert ability to verbally and visually synthesize complex issues, strategies, and visions into practical models and action plans has accelerated corporate innovation and strategic planning, community building, and economic progress across a wide range of corporate and community situations.