Without T2VC's tireless work and extensive contacts, we would still be a small company looking to grow. Having worked with several other business advisors, it is refreshing to meet someone with whom I would be comfortable sealing a deal with a handshake."

Professors Susan and John Gauch,

Founders of Veatros, acquired by DivX

We guide the growth of startup companies from founding through successful exit.  We give our companies the resources to succeed. We have a tremendous global network that we make available for our companies, which means that we help give a small company the right tools to take on big markets.  We invest alongside the top funds in the world, and we have access to thousands of corporations, governments, universities, strategic partners, and other investors for our companies.

Guides in the Entrepreneurial Process

We have experience in what it takes to grow startup technology businesses. We will patiently guide your company through each step of the process of business growth and offer our help when we feel it will make a difference. We help our startups with contacts, insights, and expertise based on years working with entrepreneurs and innovators.

A Partner to Innovators

Although T2VC is a revolutionary approach to venture investing, we still work with startup companies the old-fashioned way. With integrity, respect, and as a partner. Sometimes, if desirable, we negotiate a way to serve as an extended member of your business team, possibly  even as your interim CEO or other executive manager. We set out milestones to grow your business. We want to work with companies where our interests our mutually aligned.

Working With the Best

We seek entrepreneurs who have deep intelligence, savvy street wisdom, impeccable character, a sound temperament, and a relentless desire to change the world. We carefully select a handful of companies that we feel represent the cutting edge of technology and that have tremendous commercial potential. We like to work with technologies that have received the rigorous peer review of government research funds, but we are open to any company that has the potential to disrupt and transform the markets.

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