Even the best technology in the world can't go anywhere without the right business people. The guys at T2VC were critical in helping us take our science and creating a company with the potential to change an entire industry. They are absolutely the best at what they do."

Professors Ben Chu and Ben Hsiao,

Co-Founders of Stonybrook Purification and STAR

We are practicing venture capitalists headquartered in Silicon Valley who are also among the world's leading experts in innovation-based economic development. We design capital, shape policy, and advise leaders to grow innovation ecosystems in new markets. We deliver advisory services for a broad range of clients, including governments, institutions, universities, corporations, and development organizations.

Our services include:

Capital: venture capital design and management; innovation capital for economic growthInnovation ecosystems: assessment, design, execution, benchmarkingPolicy: science, technology, and innovation policy; measuring impactStartup growth:  mentoring, incubation, accelerators, global bridges, technology commercializationLeadership: innovation coaching, design thinking, human capital development

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Leadership in Innovation

Our team has pioneered groundbreaking ideas on how to catalyze innovation. By applying principles of "design thinking" to entire economies and complex organizations, we have created new, valuable techniques to serve companies, governments, and others.  By focusing on the interconnected nature of human relationships, we understand how micro-scale changes can catalyze macro-scale transformation.  Our ideas on growing ecosystems are increasingly prominent and influential, including a best-selling book, a major conference on entrepreneurial development, wide coverage in major media, a regular column in Forbes, and many other activities.

Innovation is Global

We have worked in over 30 countries on 6 continents.  We understand that breakthrough innovation happens everywhere, not just at universities called Harvard or Stanford. Billions of dollars in cutting-edge research is conducted all over the world. Countless people come up with game-changing ideas every day.  However, because thriving ecosystems reside in only a few places, most great ideas and smart people never get a fair shot at the market. We help level the playing field. We believe that innovation ecosystems, done right, can raise standards of living for billions of people.

Government Matters

We understand how venture capital, public policy, and innovation interact. We have worked with the world's top research agencies, including National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Department of Energy (DOE).  Our team co-founded Global CONNECT, a think tank with a network of over 43 innovation clusters in over 23 countries. Because we are both practitioners and advisors, we have special skill sets that combine experience in growing both startups and the ecosystems that are critical to the innovation process. We leverage this expertise and understanding for the benefit of our clients.

Valued Colleagues

We treat our clients with respect and as valued colleagues. Our team's list of current and past clients is vast and includes projects with governments and organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Finland, Sweden, South Korea, Israel, Russia, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Colombia, the Palestinian Territories, Kazakhstan, and institutions such as the World Bank, USAID, the U.S. State Department, and many others.

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