We offer two types of workshops. One for training leaders. One for hands-on ecosystem building.

Leadership Training:

Rainforest Architects

Where: Silicon Valley

Goal: Develop leaders who can design and shape their own innovation ecosystems.

Format: 3-day workshop. 1-year membership in global peer network of ecosystem builders.

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Ecosystem Building:

Rainforest Accelerator Lab

Where: Anywhere in the world

Goal: What startup accelerators do for startups, we do for entire ecosystems.

Format: 1-3 day workshop. Accelerate an ecosystem into action, including education, mobilization, product development, project acceleration.

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T2VC presented an exciting and engaging workshop to the engineering faculty at New Mexico State University. Their work provided a foundation for the faculty to develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking within our engineering curriculum. This culture is highly complementary to a basic engineering education and will create innovators among the faculty and our graduates. Through our partnership with T2VC, both groups will increase their capability for contributing to the infrastructure of economic development for the nation.
— Ricardo Jacquez, Dean of Engineering, New Mexico State University