We published three best-selling books on innovation ecosystems. Check out these publications:

The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley.

What makes places like Silicon Valley tick? How can we replicate that magic in other places? How do you foster innovation in your own networks?

WINNER: Book of the Year, Gold Medal in Business & Economics, ForeWord Reviews

The Rainforest Blueprint: How to Design Your Own Silicon Valley.

A lively, full-color, concise, practical guide to creating your own innovation ecosystem.

The Rainforest Scorecard: A Practical Guide for Growing Innovation Potential

The Rainforest Scorecard is grounded in the science of innovation, but it focuses on the implementation of innovation. It is the toolbox for those who wish to craft innovation.

...an insightful, forward-thinking assessment... Readers get the feeling that the authors have unveiled a very big, important concept, one that could serve as the basis for intentionally, methodically developing other rainforests similar to Silicon Valley.”
— Kirkus Reviews