What solutions can we design?

We help unleash the innovative potential of corporations, colleges, communities, and countries. We do this by designing innovation ecosystems. We build the invisible infrastructure. Our services include:

  • Economic Growth: ecosystem assessment, solution design, project execution, benchmarking
  • Venture Capital: capital design and management
  • Organizational Innovation: leadership development, creative potential, design thinking, human capital creation
  • Policy: laws, regulations, and business processes related to science, technology, and innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Support: mentoring, incubation, accelerators, global bridges, technology commercialization

Why “design”?

Design is about the interaction of all the parts in a system. By applying principles of "design thinking" to entire economies, corporations, and complex organizations, we have created new, valuable techniques to unlock value. By focusing on the interconnected nature of human relationships in innovative communities, we understand how micro-scale changes can catalyze macro-scale transformation. As a result, we can intentionally design ecosystems to nurture the success of innovators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers.

What is our approach?

Click to watch an example of our work for Porto Alegre, Brazil

Phase I: Seed > mobilize, educate, assess

We educate stakeholders, convene work sessions, assess the current ecosystem, and generate ideas. We call the beginning of this process Rainforest Launch.

Phase II: Cultivate > plan, train, map

We dive deeper and help you lay the “roots” of an ecosystem, including planning, training, and developing a customized roadmap.

Phase III: Nourish > implement, measure, manage

We help you implement plans to grow your ecosystem, measure progress over time, and manage ongoing activities and programs.