Consulting & Advisory Services

We offer a suite of consulting and advisory services, based on our groundbreaking innovation ecosystem theories. Each engagement is designed to facilitate, structure, and accelerate innovation within our clients' organizations, communities, and countries.

Each of our standard engagements can be customized to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for more information:

1. Seeder Keynote   (1-3 hours)

Presentation + Experiential Learning

For groups that are new to innovation ecosystem concepts and want an engaging introduction that produces relevant insights. 

2. Germinator (1 day)

Collaborative Learning + Exploration

For groups that are somewhat familiar with innovation ecosystem concepts, and want to explore the potential of creating their own ecosystem.

3. Incubator (2 days)

Rainforest Vision + Mapping Strategic Issues

For groups that are excited about innovation ecosystem concepts: Incubator Events guide groups to envision their Rainforest and map out strategic choices and issues. 

4. Accelerator (3 days)

Planning Implementation + Road-mapping

For groups that are committed to launch an ecosystem, must make decisions, build roadmaps, and kick-off with stakeholders. 

5. Custom Rainforest Summit (1-5 days)

Launching the Innovation Ecosystem

For groups that are ready to launch their innovation ecosystem by engaging all stakeholders: Custom Rainforest Summits take into account local customs, needs, bring motivation and collaborative rigor to large company-wide events

6. Rainforest Master Plan (Custom)

Comprehensive Assessment + Transformation

Our most powerful, full-scale engagement. T2 is asked to consult at the highest level of enterprise strategy: RaMP engagements—utilized by major companies, organizations, and governments—provide comprehensive methodological tools and processes for system-wide assessment and transformation.

7. Custom Advisory Engagement (Custom)

Executive Consultation + Leadership Insights

We offer a limited number of on-call advisory engagements, for organizational executives and government leaders. These relationships are structured to provide the support and advice required by the client, while allowing the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing world.