What makes places like Silicon Valley tick?

From 2005 to 2016, T2 Venture Creation pioneered taking the lessons of Silicon Valley to help companies and communities drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage. We were leaders in designing ecosystems to foster entrepreneurial innovation. 

Although T2 is no longer active, we have launched Rainforest Strategies, LLP to scale delivery of these services.  RFS is an innovation science consultancy that works with corporations, large organizations and government entities around the world.  RFS is taking care of your needs for speaking, consulting, Rainforest events and conferences, education, and innovation ecosystem design. Contact RFS to learn more.     

Our goal has been to provide answers for those wanting to replicate the success of Silicon Valley, but in a way that was unique to their setting. Based on our experience, we authored a set of principles and practices, and published three books that make up what we call the Rainforest methodology.

We tested the Rainforest methodology on innovation for cultures, strategies, and leadership in a range of settings and sectors. Our Global Innovation Summit conferences attracted hundreds of participants representing entrepreneurs, companies, and institutions from over 50 countries. Our Rainforest Master Plan was piloted by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Our approaches have been applied by companies and communities to drive renewal, sustainable growth and competitive advantage on every continent save Antarctica.  When we started, “ecosystem thinking” was not mainstream. Today it has a foothold in many interesting and powerful places around the world.