What makes places like Silicon Valley tick?

T2 Venture Creation takes those lessons, and we help companies and communities drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage. We do this by designing the ecosystems that foster entrepreneurial innovation.

Design & Consulting

  • Rainforest Lab: Convene key stakeholders, assess ecosystem, generate & iterate ideas
  • Design Lab: From Ideas to Prototyping
  • Acceleration Lab: Move from Strategy into Action
  • Mobile Design Lab: Build a lab in your organization
  • Large Scale Facilitation: Build momentum and scale your innovation ecosystem
  • Consulting engagements that help unleash the innovative potential of corporations, colleges, communities, and countries. We do this by designing innovation ecosystems. We build the invisible infrastructure.

Our services include:

  • Economic Growth: ecosystem assessment, solution design, project execution, benchmarking
  • Organizational Innovation: leadership development, design thinking, human capital creation
  • Entrepreneurial Support: mentoring, incubation, accelerators, global bridges, technology commercialization
  • Venture Capital: capital design and management
  • Policy: laws, regulations, and business processes related to science, technology, and innovation


  • Keynotes: Speeches on how to foster innovation in companies, communities, and countries.
  • The Executive Conversation: 1:1 executive briefings at the C-Suite
  • Executive networking: Peer to peer conversations in the ecosystem

Executive Education

  • The Rainforest Architects Experience is the world’s first course on innovation ecosystem design. It is designed to transform thinking for professionals in the business of building innovation ecosystems.
  • 1–2 Day programs held at customer locations
  • 3 Day Learning Journey in Silicon Valley
  • Rainforest Summer Institute
  • Custom program development


  • Capital management
  • Venture fund design
  • Capital ecosystem design